My 8 Magic Rules


I am a composer therefore I create musical gestures and I structure them into a composition and I do my best to present it to the audience at the highest level possible.


If you need music but you don't want to reward my work: don't ask me, please. There are many valuable possibilities to reward hard work. One is money.


If you need music but you don't think my time is valuable: don't ask me, please. I am used to work in tight schedules: this has to be considered.


If you do not want to commit to our collaboration: don't ask me, please. Making a collaboration means working together.


If you do not have any idea of what you are looking for: don't ask me, please. Your intentions and goals shape our professional relationship.


If you are not able to communicate properly: don't ask me, please. We have to be very clear and understand each-other first.


If you are not willing to rehearse my music: don't ask me, please. Music needs to be presented in a professional way, always. Never underestimate the audience: it is very disrespectful.


Your time is precious so it is my energy. If you don't want to engage equally ask someone else, please. Being professional means taking full responsibility.