Sara Zamboni (Italy, 1990) is a Composer and Pianist based in The Hague, The Netherlands. She developed an interest in music since early age. In 2011 she graduated brilliantly in Classical Piano (Traditional Diploma) under the guidance of Caterina Vasaturo at the "L. Marenzio" Conservatory of Darfo-Brescia. She wanted to become a professional musician and get a deeper insight to the activity of making music so she studied Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue with Vincenzo Simmarano until the VI year of the Traditional Academic curriculum of the Composition programme. Marino Pessina played an influential role in the early stage of her musical education thanks to his brilliant Analysis lessons full of top quality sharp-caustic puns. Since the beginning of her studies she played in various chamber music groups coached by Antonio Valentino.

She met on her way the pianist Andrea Rebaudengo who took her on the trail of Modern repertoire and other crazy things. She completed cum Laude her Classical Piano Master Degree under the teachings of Andrea Rebaudengo and Marina Baudoux at the "L. Marenzio" Conservatory (2014), then she decided to explore the international environment.

In September 2014, she joined the big family of the Composition Department at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Her Composition teachers Martijn Padding and Calliope Tsoupaki, and her Piano and Chamber Music teacher Gerard Bouwhuis, guided her to a brilliant Bachelor Degree (2017). Later on, she graduated with distinction for her Master Degree (2019). She is interested in how different musical practices influence different composition forms for a combination of instruments and recorded instruments on tape (fixed media).

She is willing to explore different kinds of commissions and composes Contemporary instrumental music, electronic music and combinations for different purposes and venues, with particular interest in chamber music and music for dance choreographies.


In the Koninklijk Conservatorium playground, she got in contact with unique personalities such as Maurice Bom 'Mouse' , her first Analogue Studio instructor. Thanks to artistic view, his sharp artistry and his personal way to explore the studio, she discovered some intriguing possibilities of electronic music. That was the trigger. Later on, she had the chance of studying a couple of years in the Institute of Sonology, attending classes such as 'Composing in the Analogue Studio' with Kees Tazelaar and 'Audio Engineering in Electronic Music' with Paul Jeukendrup. That's how her own studio for electronic music is born.


Her composition projects encompass instrumental works, soundtracks, multichannel tape electronic music, tape music in combination with instruments, music for theatre and Modern dance choreographies. She is also active as pianist and chamber musician, especially for Modern and Contemporary repertoire and member of 'Pulse Wave Quartet' together with Isobel Warmelink (violin), Daniele Zamboni (clarinet), Berber Heerema (cello).

She performed in various concert venues such as Korzo Theatre, Het Nutshuis, KABK, Theatre De Nieuwe Regentes, Nieuwe Kerk, Arnold Schönbergzaal (Den Haag), Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), Rhijnhof (Leiden), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), De Doelen (Rotterdam), Orpheus Theatre (Apeldoorn), Theater Veluvine (Nunspeet), Vliegtuighangar (Arnhem), Schouwburg (Sittard), Rodahal (Kerkrade), Skopje National Theatre, Veles Theatre (MK), Concert Hall of the Janacek Music University of Brno (CZ), Schunck* Glaspaleis Museum Heerlen (NL), Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (GR).

She participated in the Stockhausen/AUS LICHT opera marathon during Holland Festival 2019 in the Gashouder (Amsterdam) playing piano in Stockhausen's Donnerstag Gruß and synthesizer in Michaels Reise um die Erde, conducted by Adrian Heger.

She has been selected to take part to the Composer Collider Europe (2017-2020), a composition project launched by the Köln-based Ensemble Musikfabrik.

Since September 2017, she works as freelance Piano Accompanist for Modern Dance classes in the Dance Department of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.