There are things we can learn on the field and things we only learn if we make an effort to educate ourselves. Technique is the basis of everything. Patience, honesty and determination are above all. In between, there are certain conditions that could be under our control or not. Talent, social skills, mental and physical health are too often dangerously underestimated. 

Every job, activity or project could either potentially be suitable for everyone or not. What makes the difference, then? The capacity of analysing the skills required for a certain workflow, knowing what we are doing, acknowledging our limitations and then seeking for a professional when needed to successfully complete a task. 

There is not a perfect artist nor a perfect educator because there is no perfect human being. What we can do is learning to learn: going to bed every night having achieved something new, or looking at ourselves in the mirror asking what we could do now to improve.


Are you a professional musician/ensemble, a choreographer or a theatre director looking for a unique composition? You are in the right place. But before going any further, I need to have an idea about what you are looking for, the destination, the relevant technical implications, the time schedule of the project and the budget. After evaluating these things I will be able to decide whether I can accept this project. 

I believe that good ethic, respect, honour and good communication are the fundamentals of a positive working relationship. Everybody, especially in the art forms, is entitled to change, modify, adjust ideas to present to the audience the best version of their artistic expression. My job is extremely related to other people one's so it is part of  an ecosystem.

We are all human beings and we are all subject to time, energy, stress, change of ideas, mood and emotions. We can recover from energy loss, recover from stress, improve bad ideas and turn them into successful ones, work on our inner sphere etc. but time goes away inevitably and it is not possible to get it back.

Therefore, I invite you to check my online portfolio and my artistic approach first. I do accept only projects I am interested in and only if I have time for full commitment. I follow up all my works, from the beginning to the performance and further developments. I have to warn you I have a parental attitude towards my creations. I want to be sure my music is used in situations that resonate with my principles as an artist, as a professional and as a person.