" During the past two years, I had a lot of time for myself. It was incredible considering that I spent most of my life studying and making music a priority. What I could do was simply doing my best: creating pieces of music and learning new things. What I have learnt from all the facts happening everywhere in the world is: never allow others deciding whether your biggest passion, dreams or smallest hobby are essential or not. We are also responsible for taking care of our mental and physical health and we should also learn how to show more compassion: we never know when we are the next ones in need. I also learnt exciting things such as improving my gliding technique with my ice skates, attempting some turns and trying to make them beautiful ".

Dear Readers,

I am Sara and I would like to share personally with you some considerations about how I work as an artist, my personal and professional beliefs. I am interested in working with people and contributing to their artistic expression with my music. My music is made uniquely to enforce the creative ideas of a certain performance.

Are you a musician, a choreographer or a director looking for a composition that is especially made for your piece? You are in the right place. But before going any further, I need to have an idea about what you are looking for, the destination, the relevant technical implications, the time schedule of the project and the budget. After evaluating these things I will be able to decide whether I can accept this project.

I believe that good ethic, respect, honour and good communication are the fundamentals of a positive working relationship. Everybody, especially in the art forms, is entitled to change, modify, adjust ideas to present to the audience the best version of their artistic expression. My job is extremely related to other people one's so it is part of an ecosystem.

We are all human beings and we are all subject to time, energy, stress, change of ideas, mood and emotions. We can recover from energy loss, recover from stress, improve bad ideas and turn them into successful ones, work on our inner sphere while time goes away inevitably and it is not possible to recover.

Therefore, I invite you to check my online portfolio and my artistic approach. I do accept only projects I am interested in and only if I have time for full commitment. I follow up all my works, from the beginning to the performance and further developments. I have to warn you I have a parental attitude towards my creations. I want to be sure my music is used in situations that resonate with my principles as an artist, as a professional and as a person.

Thank you,