𝄆 NEW compositions - Summer 2020 𝄇

Dear Friends, Summer 2020 has brought me a lot of inspiration for composing new works such as IMAGINARY FRIENDS, a piece for three-part female choir; CHANT DÉMONTÉ for string quartet; TRIO FOR VIOLIN, CELLO & PIANO.

𝄆 NEW Orientation Course @ Royal Conservatory of The Hague 𝄇

In the academic year 2020/2021 the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (NL) will offer a new Orientation Course Composition, Sonology and ArtScience. This course consists in 15 Saturday workshops. Each workshop deals with a subject that is typical for the respective department, although none of them requires any specific prior knowledge. Participants will build up a portfolio that will form an excellent basis for the admission exam.

πŸ‘‰ I will be leading a workshop in this programme!

Workshop 10: 30th January 2021

"Discovering the Analogue Studio: An Approach to Electronic Music Composition" – Sara Zamboni

This workshop presents some possibilities of generating and modifying sounds in an analogue studio with the aim of making a composition. Some basics of devices such as oscillators, filters, synthesizers, a mixing desk and their connections will be practically demonstrated and explained from both technical and the musical points of view. The participants will be asked to shape their own sounds and to record them on the computer.

𝄆 JAE video excerpts 𝄇

I created a new playlist on my YouTube channel with the video excerpts of the performance of "JAE" at the ZJCM of Hangzhou, China, before the COVID-19 global alarm.


Global COVID-19 emergency came in the way.

Let's respect the rules AND never forget who we are.

#keepcreating #listentomusic

𝄆 Tutor during Open Day on 25th January 2020 𝄇

@ Royal Conservatory of The Hague (NL)

Three presentations in the 'Stockhausen Analogue Studio' by Sara Zamboni, alumna of the Composition Department.

Open Day 2020 - M0101 Studio

"Working with some confidence in a place such as the Stockhausen Studio is a big advantage for a composer. In fact, it is a very powerful tool for any music creator. In order to be flexible, technologically-informed, develop a personal sound vision and imagination independently from music genres and styles, it is recommended to be familiar with some essential principles of electronic music. These principles can be demonstrated ad practiced in this studio. Understanding the priority of having sounds that are at the same time 'interesting' and 'usable in a composition' requires a long process of exploration, generation, taste development and selection. This studio can be a monster-instrument to be played, a meditation place, a fully equipped workstation and an inspiration for a future musical profession".


Celebrating the New Year: effects of a Chinese flower tea thinking about one of the greatest pioneers of the American Minimalism in music (what?) + a high-five to The Who (who?).

This composition belongs to the cycle "Our Ancestors" that will be uploaded on an irregular basis. In this cycle there are original compositions of Sara Zamboni and re-compositions to celebrate the gifts we received from our ancestors. (You can also call them re-interpretations, re-creations, re-elaborations if you like but NOT covers, please!).

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Sara Zamboni & Elena Lorenzi

are ready to strike back!

It is time for Sara Zamboni & Elena Lorenzi to work together again. After months of planning and exchange of ideas, they are ready to embark in a very big thing: a new music theatre performance for voice and fixed media.

Part one is already there: do you remember "Dark Vocalise"?

We will restart working from that. I will compose two more pieces that explore in different angles the nuances of Elena's voice and expressivity, in a new sound and light design that will be more immersive and spectacular.

Elena Lorenzi. Photo by Michele Cataneo


"JAE: Just About Everyone" performed in CHINA

China-CEEC Music & Dance Festival

Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou (China)

Matea Kiselichka, choreographer / Sara Zamboni, composer

Dancers of the ZJCM

𝄆 JUNE 𝄇

Performing in Stockhausen/aus LICHT

'Holland Festival 2019'

Aus LICHT is a selection of key sections of Karlheinz Stockhausen's LICHT cycle. The complete work is 29-hours long. This marathon consists in 15 hours performed over three days. This is the first-ever staging of such a large part of the LICHT cycle. Aus LICHT is a joint production of Holland Festival, The Dutch National Opera, The Royal Conservatory of The Hague and The Karlheinz Stockhausen Foundation.

All performances take place in the Gashouder in the Westerpark, Amsterdam, in a immersive setting consisting of multiple stages.


World premiere of DARK VOCALISE

'Spring Festival 2019'

The 52th edition of the Spring Festival in The Hague (NL) hosts the result of a six-months intense collaboration between Elena Lorenzi and Sara Zamboni. They know each other since long time and this work combines their love for details and their commitment to the musical act.

DARK VOCALISE is a composition for live voice and recorded voice modified and re-composed on a 5-channels fixed media. Elena Lorenzi is a versatile performer due to her strong lyrical background. She masters various vocal techniques, styles and is also sensitive to non-verbal forms of communication.

The staging of this work includes also precise instructions for light design, sound design and gestures. Movements have been developed in collaboration with the performer and notated on a score in a theatre script form. A longer music theatre work is planned in 2020-2021. Dark vocalise is one of the components of the programme.



is ready to kick!

Techno Giselle is a composition commissioned by the 'schrit_tmacher festival 2019' as a contribution for the salon "Romantiek Nu" curated by Karin Post. Premiered on April 6th 2019 in SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis Museum, Heerlen (NL).

In our imagination determined by the homonym Romantic Ballet, Giselle is a young, beautiful and shy peasant girl who falls in love with a rich guy betrothed to a rich woman. Giselle is not very lucky in the original story so I decided to rewrite the libretto completely before composing my interpretation of this famous work. In my imagination she is just a woman who likes dancing, she meets some magic creatures that do just two things in their life: dance all night and kill their betrayers. One more detail: who said that Giselle is a perfect ballerina?